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A person that suffers from the antisocial personality disorder usually fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, they are usually liars and very deceitful. They conn others for pleasure. They do not know how to plan ahead, they are usually aggressive people that have a continuation of physical fights, disregards safety of themselves and others. They also "posses impulse peculiarities or habit patterns that are traceable to deviant learning." (Damasio, 2000). "They are stimulus seekers and pose the greatest problem for parents as children" (Damasio, 2000). They are irresponsible, and have a lack or remorse for deviant behavior. "They have a chronic indifference to and violation of the rights of one's fellow human beings" (Alterman, Cacciola, McDermott, Mulholland, Newman, & Rutherford, 2000).
Many theorists have different ideas on the causes of the antisocial personality disorder, but it is still unknown, although the evidence points to some inherited traits. A dysfunctional family life could also increase the likelihood of an antisocial personality disorder, therefore environmental factors make a difference also.
One theory says that nervous system abnormality development may cause antisocial disorder. These abnormalities includes maternal smoking during pregnancy, bedwetting, hyperactivity, and learning disorders.
Another theory suggests that people with antisocial personality disorder. They have been known to low resting rates. They have a low arousal rate which makes them more prone to want to be a thrill seeker, or want to get themselves in dangerous situations.
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