Antz Review

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Animated Adventure: A worker ant, hoping to get his colony's beautiful princess to notice him, ends up the unlikely hero as he helps thwart the plans of a renegade general.

Z (voice of Woody Allen) is just another worker ant among millions in his colony. While the rest of the ants don't seem to mind the daily monotony of their lives, Z hates conformity and believes that there must be something more to his life.

Along with his friend and fellow worker, Azteca (voice of Jennifer Lopez), Z continues to toil away under the direction of his foreman (voice of Grant Shaud) digging a massive tunnel to accommodate the military plans of General Mandible (voice of Gene Hackman). With the help of his right-hand man, Colonel Cutter (voice of Christopher Walken), Mandible wants to make a preemptive strike on a band of termites poised to attack the colony.

Reluctantly, the Queen (voice of Anne Bancroft) agrees, and points out that Mandible's leadership qualities prove he'll be an excellent husband for her daughter, Princess Bala (voice of Sharon Stone), to whom he's already betrothed.

Chatting with his best friend Weaver (voice of Sylvester Stallone), a soldier ant, the night before the military invasion, Z overhears a drunken scout tell of a wonderful place called Insectopia, an above ground sanctuary where ants don't have to live a conformist life.

Dreaming of such a place, Z is surprised when a beautiful young ant asks him to dance. The two hit it off, but a barroom fight causes her to leave just as he learns that she's really Princess Bala. Smitten, Z convinces Weaver to switch places with him so that he might be able to see Bala again during a military procession the next day.

A seasoned soldier ant Barbatus (voice of Danny Glover) takes Z under his wing and Z discovers that he's heading off to war against the termites. Miraculously only Z survives the deadly battle and finds himself a hero.

Z falsely kidnaps princess Bala and they set out to find Insectopia. The Queen orders Mandible to find her daughter. Mandible sends Cutter to find them and he also continues his plan to cleanse the colony of unacceptable drones and other unworthy types.

After some close calls with humans, Z and Bala are returned to the colony. There Z discovers that the tunnel they are building will flood the colony and kill many ants. The tunnel collapses and water pours in. Z organizes the colony into a giant ant 'ladder' and they climb to safety.

Topside, Z confronts General Mandible, even getting Colonel Cutter on his side. Mandible tries to push Cutter into the flooded tunnel, but Z saves him. Instead, Z and Mandible fall in the water. Mandible lands on a tree limb and is killed. Z goes into the water. Cutter uses his wings to fly down and save Z.

Z is hailed as a hero and he and Princess Bala marry and have kids....millions of them.

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