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Argument between Hamlet and Jacky

Jacky: Hamlet, why do you have such a bad attitude?
Hamlet: A bad attitude towards what?
Jacky: Towards women. You have made a hasty generalization that all women are frail         and weak, yet you have no real reason to think this way.
Hamlet: I have plenty of reasons to call women frail. My mother, who seemed to be a
        loyal Queen, turned out to be the weakest woman I have ever known. She was         unfaithful to my father and she took the throne from me by marrying my uncle.
Jacky: I am surprised that you say the word queen. Having the title of queen shows that         your mother has strength and power, therefore she is not weak. Also your mother         was not going against you, she was rather protecting you. She did not want you to         be the king because she knows the responsibilities a king must take on. A king         has to rule an entire state, and your mother did not want you to go through the         same thing your father did. And why would you want your mother to be with your         father if she did not truly love him?
Hamlet: My mother is frail, even though she is a Queen. After the play "The Murder of         Gonzago", I asked my mother what she had thought about the play. She thought         that the queen in the play protested too much. My mother said this because she is         not a strong woman, and thinks that the queen in the play should not be a strong         woman either. My mother does not protest against anything my uncle says or         does; she rather follows his lead and does not stick up for herself. Ophelia also         proves         to be weak because she follows her fathers every command. Ophelia runs         to her father whenever I come around, and I am not allowed to see her anymore.
Jacky: Hamlet you frighten Ophelia because you act so strangely around her; that is why         she runs to her father. This does not show frailty, it shows that Ophelia cares         about you. Ophelia hates to see you acting differently, so she goes to her father         for help. She wants you to start acting normal again, and needs advice from her         father. Ophelia loves you and does not want anything to happen to you.
Hamlet: Jacky, you said that Ophelia wants me to start acting normal, but who is to say         what normal is? Maybe I believe that I do act normal, because there is no normal         standard in the world. And women are frail because men have to act out the         women characters in plays.
Jacky: So what you are saying is that men are superior over women. Look at the two         men in your life. Your father killed King Fortinbras and died in sin. Your uncle         killed your father and took his wife. You took the two examples of your mother         and Ophelia and concluded that all women are frail. Why can't you take the         examples of your father and your uncle to conclude that men are also frail?
Hamlet: I can not conclude that all men are frail because I know that it is not true.         Young Fortinbras is so passionate about what he is doing. He is taking a huge         risk for worthless land, proving that Fortinbras is a strong individual. My father         only died in sin because he did not get the proper religious ceremonies, and he had         to kill King Fortinbras or else my father would have been killed. As for my uncle,         I do not consider him a man and I never will. A man is a person that has a heart         and my uncle is heartless.
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