Arsenic And Old Lace

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On November the ninth I went to see the opening show of the Maskers performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace." The play went over reasonably well with only a few mistakes, which were very minor. The play lasted about an hour and a half.
        The play is set in Brooklyn, New York in the home of the main characters, the Brewster's. Three people live in the house on a regular basis, Teddy is the mental case who thinks he is president Teddy Roosevelt and his two aunts who take care of him, Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha. But in reality the two aunts are insane. They think it is acceptable to murder men who are not married. They have murdered twelve different men and tell teddy he needs to dig in Panama. The Panama Canal of course was president Teddy's main accomplishment as president. So their Teddy would dig holes in the basement to where they would bury the bodies. Mortimer who is believed to be Teddy's brother we learn at the end he was adopted is the play normal person in the family. He tells them it is wrong and they can't do it and so on. Then my favorite character comes in. Jonathon the true brother of Teddy is a criminally insane man. He kills and robs people and is currently running from the cops. While on the run he needed a place to hide so he looked up his childhood home.
        Tyler Fleck played Jonathon. Having to know Tyler in real life I can see whom great he performed. As a criminal insane man he used a scratch in his voice to make him sound rugged. As if he was the most powerful man in the world and deserved respect he walked with his shoulders back and head up. His voice and face expressions sound as if he really would murder a person and for Tyler to pull that off is tremendous.
        The play was highly enjoyable. The plot was very good, acting was superior from the whole cast. St. Xavier Drama department has a strong future from the look of this play.
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