Beliefs Of Catholicism

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According to Catholicism, Jesus is the son of god. The father, son, and holy spirit make the Holy Trinity. On the opposite side is Lucipher, who was once an angel but became the devil. The 10 Commandments are the basic laws of catholicism that were given to Moses by god. These laws are expected to be followed.
        When these laws are not being followed, sin is being committed. Sin results from things, such as pride, envy, anger, and lust. The first of these sins was the original sin, which was passed from Adam and Eve onto all of human kind. This sin is taken away by baptism. Other sins can be delt with by confession, or the forgiveness of the lord through a priest.
        Mary was brought into the world without original sin. Her son was born by miracle because Mary was a virgin. Christ made sacrifices for the good of all. During mass, wine is drunken and bread is eaten symbolozing the blood and body of Christ.
        Sin will affect a person's status after death. If a person on many occasions is guilty of sin and does not repent, it is likely that they will not go directly to heaven. They will go to a temporary place of punishment called pergatory. There they stay until they are cleansed of sin and can go into heaven.
        Christ is of the main holy figures of catholicism. Some holidays are celebrated in memory of his different actions, such as Christmas and Easter. Other times, such as Lent are kept holy by prayer and fasting. The Pope is the head of the religious order, or the vicar of Christ.
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