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Brandon Yocum
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Dr. Lodge


        The two actors that I thoroughly enjoyed watching perform were CJ and Mary. I thought they were excellent based characters that had a strong grasp of the knowledge, and an overall feeling of the surrounding atmosphere. Mary chose some very strong physical choices in the sense of; she was one of few women of color in her profession and she was almost on top. She used her ethnic background and skin color to arouse emotions out of CJ's character. CJ chose a proud and distinguished white male that was not going to be subdued by something that happened in the past that he could do nothing about.
Overall I enjoyed CJ's character much better because I thought Mary didn't act in a few places, but used just the black vs. white issue to cover that up. I loved the way that CJ moved on and through the stage. Even though he was in her hotel room he seemed to come in and almost own the place. He came in and set his stuff about the book on the table, and showed her each individual thing. From the first rough drafts of the book, and through the editing process, he picked each of them up and showed it right to her face, so that he could prove he was the author. The way he proved the rough drafts were his was with such conviction and demanding her to believe.
Now, I thought Mary did a fabulous job of responding to that by feeling very uncomfortable, while in her own hotel room with this strange guy making accusations that he wrote this book which she felt so dear about. When CJ was trying to convey his message to Mary, she just held the book so tight to her heart. At one point she got so upset with CJ that she just threw the damn book right back at his chest with hatred scowling over his whole body.
I loved watching the cast, move on the set. Wow, it was pretty interesting to sit and wonder if one of the actors were going to fall in my lap. I thought they all did a great job of portraying the office, the restaurant, the home, the road, and the hotel. I loved Sylvia's part where she was aimlessly wandering on the open road and telling her story.
As I mentioned I thought Mary acted some of the "black" in her rather than letting the acting take hold. The language was delivered and well received, but at certain points when in the hotel room with CJ I think her acting slipped and it almost seemed like she took a little bit of it personal, almost as if she was taking it a little racist. Now I mean no offensive nature by saying this, it was just my observation.
Well, as far as a character seeming to reach LeCoq's perfect "dramatic action" state, I would lay money down on it that CJ hit the nail right on the head. I thought he was phenomenal from the moment he stepped on the stage at the end of Act I, or right before intermission. He took control of the stage he moved through the space with a great comfort zone. Even when Mary was coming at CJ with all the things of a white male does not know what it is like to be black, especially a black female; his character soaked it in and it hurt, but you could tell that he was going to bounce right back with another great point.
I saw the show Saturday night and was extremely impressed by the whole cast! I never had a chance to see Christian or the other two ladies perform, they did a spectacular job. The script was well written and received, but the directing was stellar.
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