Benefits Of Infertility And Cloning

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First off, lets start with what infertiltiy really is. Being infertile is a classified
disease off the reproductive tract. It means that the person that is infertile is unable to
have children.
        Reproduction does not come easy to humans. There are several ways to
reproduce. There is intercourse, which is the natural way of reproduction. It is when two
humans have intercourse the egg becomes fertilzed by the sperm and then attaches itself to
the womb.
        Another way to have your own childeren would be Ivf, which is In vitro
fertilization. This overcomes infertiltiy caused by blocked fallopian tubes. You take the
egg of the women and the sperm of the man and place them together is a petri dish and
then place the contents of the petri dish into either the mother or segerant mother.
        Then there is adoption for parents who can not reproduce also. This is done
through an state agency to that helps filter and fill the request of soon to be parents.
        And finaly, there is segerant mothers. This is where the sperm of the male is
placed with a female, different then his mate. The segrant mother would carry the baby to
term and then give the child to the coulple.
        With these ways of reproduction, there has been complications. With natural
reproduction, one of the couples may be infertile do to several issues with either the male
or female. Ivf still has tendcies to mis carry and not come to term. With adoption one
may be lacking the feeling of being a true parent, while at the same time the child may feel
a lack of true parenthood. This can cause dislipenary problems. And finally wiith the
segerant mother, she may not come to term, or there has been cases where it may be
harder then what it seemed to be to give up a child that you just carried.
        Don't you agree that being able to give birth to a new life is the ultimate happiness.
It brings feeling of joy and creation to something you are "proud of". Being infertile is a
real issue here.
        A women may go through stages of guilt where she may blame herself for not
being able to concieve a child. This can also cause stress on the relationship of the couple.
This is not a easy subject to deal with, therefor it would be senstive and touchy. And
finaly the lack of achieving the ultimate role in life. The passing on of you in someone that
can go through life carrying your memory and yet still have there own outlook on life with
the guidience you provided as parents.
        These issues can lead to several stages. One might be counseling or maybe the
relationship to end even. Infertiltity is a serious issue without just having one correct
solution; which therefor may lead to so many different outcomes of the situation.
        The women may have a sensitve side to the issue where the male might have a
aggressive side. The lady would feel sad and want to be comforted and the male my find
his fuse to be short because he is hurt, and wants to run away from the problem.
        It takes a lot planning to decide when is the correct time to have a child. You
might want to be finaiccally stable, or older and mature when you have your child.
        With all of these complications wouldn't you hope for a new solutoin. Well maybe
there is a way. Let me tell you about cloning, a way for a couple to have and care for
there child.
        The whole process is very amazing. The benefits are also very great.
        There are two possible ways to acheive a child through a clone if the other
techniques do not work.
        The first, Dolly type. This process involes a donors eggs nucleous which, is
removed and replaced by the patients nuleous. A good example is a skin cell. The
reconstructed egg is then shocked to make it divide and grow into an embryo. It is then
placed in the mothers womb and carried to term. When this technique is performed the
genetic material will be mostly the man or womens, this will make it almost the same as
the donors
        The second, is the Polly type. This is almost the same as the first but with a third
party. This involves replacing some of the genes of the donorwith the third parties, this
then will result in a genetic combination of two people.
        Wouldn't you agree that this is a very compassionate way in assisting a couple to
have a child.
        A clone is also a person that requires love, food, and water in order to survive.
        The benefits of cloning for a possible cure are amazing. If you were a donor you
could know that you brought happiness amongst people. There would be a big
satisfaction to the couple. They could look forward to having they're own child. The
child would still be one of gods children and have loving parents, these are some great
reasons thus benefits.
        Lets hope the the FDA will not cancel out this possible cure fo infertility. They
too can make it possible for these people to conqure there dreams.
        I say allow these people to have their dream of being a parent. If you are a parent
you know what I am talking about, it's the best thing in the world. Don't take that dream.
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