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The Christian Bible is composed of 66 separate books written by some thirty or more different authors in three different languages. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. These books range over a period of some 1600 years. The men involved came from every walk of life, and the majority of them had no contact with the others, and most of them had no relationship with the religious organizations of the day. So you would expect that a book composed of writings from so many different authors, and separated by the distance of time would have a complete lack of unity. But instead we find a book with continuity like none other written. Through structure, history, through the amazing mathematics and more we find that it is clear that "Nothing occurs in the Bible by sheer happenstance".

The Earth - Designed for life:
So many essential conditions are necessary for life to exist on earth, that it could not have occurred by chance. Kepler observed that while most planetary orbits are elliptical;

?The orbit of the Earth is an almost perfect circle, thankfully for us.
?Other observations show;
?The earth is just the right distance from the sun to sustain life. ?It is just the right size to maintain an atmosphere. ?With the optimum tilt of the axis to provide seasons. ?With an orbiting moon just the right distance from it. ?With a rotation of just the right speed. ?With an atmosphere of just the right ratio for life and a protective ozone layer to filter out harmful radiation. ?With the abundance, and the unique properties of water, and its correct ratio to land mass. ?With the presence of all 100 or so atomic elements in sufficient quantities for life. ?And with cycles such as the water and carbon cycles and photosynthesis.

All these things make our planet unique in our solar system and, as some scientist think, unique in the universe. But definitely designed.

Design at the cellular level:
Design and complexity is also seen at the micro level. Evolutionists rely on the ability of the DNA of each living cell to mutate for the development of species. But rather than being evidence for evolution, the cell is evidence of design and order. We already considered the improbability of this happening by chance. Each cell is like a miniature factory or chemical laboratory. It has it?s own program of production, reproduction, communication, nutrition, repair and waste removal. Inside the DNA and RNA of each cell of ourbodyis all the information necessary for the growth and development of the human organism, carrying up to six billion detailed instructions. Each component of the cell is inter-dependent, almost like a continuous circle, with each part being needed to function. This can only mean that all parts to make up a cell were created at the same time.

All or Nothing Systems:
Many of the features of nature are what I would call ?All or Nothing? systems - complex features that either work or they don?t. - features such as eyes, wings, lungs, ears, the brain and so on. Slow development over long periods of time would confer no favourable advantage to any creature showing the beginnings of these features and would therefore be useless for survival.
Because of the obvious evidence for design, many Evolutionists are having second thoughts. Not about evolution but about Darwinian evolution. As I stated before, these have become among the best critics of Evolution because they attack the theory from a ?scientific? perspective. This has caused them to seek alternative mechanisms for evolution howbeit unsuccessfully. They speak in terms of a quasi-intelligence in evolution such as;
?Personifying the evolutionary mechanism - evolution occurred according to a ?general plan?, likened to a ?piece of clockwork?. ?An intelligent universe ?Gaia - or an intelligent planet ?Something in nature that has forced evolution to occur ?Mother nature
This is really a capitulation - admitting to purposiveness without God. I think that they are missing what to me is obvious. ?In the beginning - God created?

The Unwanted Alternative:
I believe that the main reason Evolutionists avoid Creation at all cost is ideological, not scientific. Evolutionists are evolutionists because they are atheists and not the other way around. It is the same reason that people 200 years ago believed in Spontaneous Generation, Creation was ?unthinkable?. Evolution has become a humanistic religion without morals or accountability, and the Scientists are its priests. I believe it takes more faith to believe in Evolution than it does to believe in God.

The evidence of Design is proof of a Designer; ?
?For since the creation of the world God?s invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse? Rom 1:20 NIV

To consider what the Bible can offer you that Evolution cannot

As we near the end of our address tonight, I would like to spend the last remaining minutes considering what the Bible can offer you, that Evolution can?t. As I stated at the beginning, Evolution robs us of any purpose in life other than to perpetuate the species. It gives no reason for us being on this planet, nor any hope for the future. But the Bible does.

Trust in a Faithful Caring Creator:
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