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We believe that that the Biblical story of Creation is an important part of a child's life. However, we all feel that there needs to be a different approach to the story than the one that was taken with each of us. We believe that there is a definite difference between 10-15 year olds, so we would have to be careful and compensate for the younger children and the older children. We do believe that the best approach to take with the children would be the honest approach. Sometimes, people do not think that children can handle the truth about certain issues, so they sugar coat things to make them more palatable for children to understand.
As a group, we believe that one of the best ways to teach the story of Creation is to read the Bible and to discuss what the Bible actually says. Not necessarily the way we have discussion in this classroom because we are adults, but a discussion that will help the children understand the Bible story. Teach the children that there are two different stories instead of one modified one. Use the children's questions and responses to explain how the Bible relates the stories with each other. Although they are contradictory, children can understand the concept that more than one person wrote the Bible. We just have to let them know it.
We believe that it is important for children to know the true story directly out of the Bible instead of the condensed version on the back of a lesson plan. We believe that it would be easier for children at this age to accept the truth from the Bible than to be told a story for many years and one day find out that the story is incorrect. Within our group, there were people who felt betrayed and insulted because they realized that the story they knew was not one hundred percent correct. So, this now raises more questions about what else we have learned and whether or not the stories actually came from the Bible, a lesson plan, or just one Sunday school teacher's interpretation. We each feel that the story of Creation that we knew was incomplete because we were only taught bits and pieces of both of the stories. Now when we actually can separate the two stories and see that each tells the story differently, there is a big difference from the story of Creation that we were familiar with.
We want the students to learn how to be open-minded about the stories and what they actually say. We want the children to be able to understand that there was not just a single man who wrote the Bible. We do not mean into the depths of Who Wrote the Bible, but a generalized understanding that it is OK to have the two separate stories because there were at least two separate authors. We believe that by doing this, the children will have a greater appreciation for the Bible in their young and older lives. We hope that instead of feeling betrayed by a Bible story or the teacher who taught it to them, they will have a deeper understanding of the meaning of life through the words of the Bible.
Out of our group, two of us believe that it would be hard to get this class approved either within our present church or the one we were raised in. We believe that it would be hard specifically because of the older generation of people in the church who believe that it would be unacceptable to teach children contradiction. Also, the churches that would have this problem do not use the Bible to teach in Sunday school. They use lesson plans that are set up specifically to tell a condensed story that is palatable for children. One member of our group believes that it would not be so hard to have this pass at their church. Because underneath the two stories, there is still the same premise "“ there are just more details. Also, perhaps the church would be allowing the children to not just see in black and white, but to see the full spectrum.

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