Chemical Bond

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Sometimes we meet people that leave a great impression in our lives. We may only meet them once and that is enough to make an impact in our lives or sometimes not even meet them just see the they react to something.
That's all it takes for them to mark our lives. And leave behind a great mark that will probably be with us the rest of our lives, even though we would never see them again.
        Its amazing how just one little thing or word can stays with us for our entire lives. And at times there influence can affect us in many different ways that influence us to make decisions, or change the way that we live our lives.
        In the play of Macbeth when he is on his way home from a battle he meets three witches that don't only change his life, but also the lives all of those that are around him. Because of their strong influence Macbeth kills his uncle, to steal the crown, and makes himself king. And also because of them his wife kills herself. They also influence the whole kingdom. Before Macbeth, meet them he was a great man. He was a war hero, and that most honorable person in the kingdom.
         Their strong impression on his life, totally change everything for him. They never told him what to do, he did every thing on his own they told him his future and what to do. Since that moment they change everything about him, change. He even change the way he though. When he told his wife about what had happen to him in the road, and about his brief encounter with the witch even influence the way that his wife though. And from that moment everything happen.
        If he would never had meet them, Macbeth would of never thought about killing his uncle just for the crown, and he would of stayed being the great hero that he was before he meet them. From that moment they just change everything, they had a very strong influence.
        I don't think that nothing would have ever happen to Macbeth and his family if he would of meet them. I think that it was entirely the witches fault that all of that happened.
        So the witches influence was a great one. In conclusion the witches role a strong yet very influential one, and without them the plot of the play would of been a very boring one. So the witches role was a very important one.

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