Cinematography In Macbeth

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Cinematography In MacBeth

                When I first watched the two episodes of MacBeth I noticed several differences in the was

the two directors portrayed the settings and characters in witch scene. In the first movie I found the witch

scene to be very dark and mysterious which made it easy to tell what the witches were doing and the fog

and lightning gave me the impression that bad things were yet to come. This atmosphere is totally different

from the second video though because the second one takes place on a clear beautiful beach which seems

to be very peaceful. They way the second video started out it was kind of difficult to determine what was

going on, but as the scene progressed it became easier to understand what was going on. By the was this

scene was shot the viewer really has to follow because it seems really strange. It does not follow the typical

stereotype of most witches and it is very irregular. The first movie just had a way creepier image to it with

the scary music, the witches weird voices and the lightning and stuff going on in the background. At the

beginning of the second movie scene I'm given the impression that the witches are almost regular people

until they start pulling out the arm and rope and stuff. I enjoyed the second movie scene more because

it seemed more casual and it really caught my eye because you don't know what is going to happen next.

I also liked it because it was simple and it didn't follow the trends of most witch scenes. When I first

watched the beach scene I can honestly say that I dislike it, but as I watched it over and over and over and

over again I began to notice the little things that made the scene creepy like the squawking seagulls and

the mysterious arrival and depart of the witches. The beach seemed like an unlikely place to cast a spell

which is why I enjoyed the second movie scene more.

        So in conclusion these movies are very different in the ways they portrayed the witch scenes

at the beginning of Macbeth. They are two totally different styles or directing which both have their positive

and negative qualities. Both scenes are based on the same play, but by the first scene it really doesn't seem

that way because of the way the director filmed them. But viewing the two scenes changed my perspective

on the film industry and how films can change and evolve.
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