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        Cloning is production of one or more individual plants or animals that are genetically identical to another plant or animal. There are three different types of cloning 1. Embryo cloning 2. Adult DNA cloning 3. Therapeutic cloning. Scientists first began trying to clone way back in 1938, when a German man by the name of Hans Spemann tried to make a clone by removing the egg's nucleus and replacing it with a nucleus from another cell. Those efforts failed until the 1970's. Most people are against cloning, for example 74% of Americans thought that human cloning was against gods will and 88% say that it would be morally wrong to clone humans.

        The first type of cloning is Embryo cloning. It is a medical technique that produces identical twins or triplits. One or more cell is removed from the fertilized embryo and encouraged to develop into one or more duplicate embryos. Twins or triplets where formed with identical DNA. This type of cloning has been done for years on different animals but only very limit experimentation has been done on humans. A term often used for this type of cloning is artifical twin. It has been done on mice since the late 70's and in animal breeding since the late 80's. Does this type of cloning have its advantages yes but it also has its disvantages. One really good advantage is that it could lead to the cure of cancer, it could lead to the devlopment of many organs for humans that could be grown in different animals. Some disavantages include there is always a posabilty of injuring or killing embryo's. A country might load up on clones and try to take over the rest of the world.

        The second type of DNA cloning is Adult DNA cloning it produces duplictes of an existing animal. Has been used to clone sheep ( dolly which I will talk about later). DNA from embryo is removed and placed with DNA from an adult animal. The embryo is implanted into the womb allowed to develop into a real animal. This procedure is very un likely to happen the fetus grows usually large and usually dies right before or after birth. Is human DNA cloning right. Some of the positives are a heterosexual couple could have a baby. On the down side the first cloned humans will be normal, they may be born disabled. These things have happened to other mammals there is no reason to say it wont happen to humans, it could lead to emotional difficulties if they clone a father or mother to be there son or daughter. This type of cloning has not been tried on humans. Has potential to produce twin of existing person.

        The third type of cloning is therapeutic cloning. This procedure starts off like adult DNA cloning. Stem cells are removed from the embryo of producing tissue or hole organs for transplant purposes. They then put it back in the person who suplied DNA. The embryo would grow for about two weeks. The embryo dies in the proces. The goal of the cloning is to produce a copy of a sick persons tissue or organ. This type of cloning can help the sick and the dying to a speedy recovery. They would not have to wait till a doner dies.

        Some types of cloning is against the church. They say that all cloning that benifits the sick and dying they have no problem with but when they talk about cloning a person they wonder where the dignity of humans has gone.

        On July 5th 1996 the most famous animal was born. Dolly, it was born in Roslin Scotland. The baby lamb weight 14.5 pounds. It was the unthinkable a clone. The scientist name behind the master peice was Ian Wilmut. He started working at the center in 1984. He has been working there ever since. was born on June 27, 1869, at Stuttgart. He was the
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