Comparison Essay Lord Of The Flies Novel And The Film

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Comparison Essay
Lord of the Flies film and the novel

        The film Lord of the flies is based on the novel written by the famous writer Golding Williams' Lord of the flies. The film is very similar to the novel where the characters, setting and the plot were beautifully filmed in the film as they were in the novel.

        In the film each character was made as it describe in the novel. Ralph, who is a charismatic positive attitude chosen chief, always in conflict with Jack is an anarchical, savagely boy as he is in the novel. In both the novel and the film, Piggy, who is the intelligence one, lacks any social skills whatsoever, and has trouble communicating with the others. Simon, on the other hand, is a good, pure and Christ Figured boy in both the novel and the film. The characters of the novel are beautifully described in the film.

        The setting of the novel is a tropical island, which has jungle at one end with a mountain above it. In the film, the island seems to have the same places as it describe in the novel. In the film, there are beach, lagoon, forest, mountain and the Castle Rock. Every single place has similar relationship with the place describe in the novel. For example, the mountain is very close to and next to the forest as it describe in the novel. Both the novel and the film share the same setting.

        The previously described examples points to the third and most important similarities between the film and the novel: the film uses the plot of the novel completely. The plot is that schoolboys who leave alone in an island alone make rules and order themselves under a chosen chief. When they tried to form a society, they face a leadership problem and then separate into two groups. The group of Ralph's who work for rescue is taken over by the Jack's group that are hunters and finally the hunting group search Ralph to kill when the naval ship spot the smoke made by rescue (Ralph's) group and rescued all of them. The film is beautifully filmed the plot as it is beautifully written in the novel.

        In conclusion, the film Lord of the Flies shares the similar characteristic of the novel Lord of the Flies. The characters, setting and the plot are same in both the novel and the film as the examples prove the similarities. The novel is beautifully filmed in the film Lord of the Flies.

By: Maharaj, Santhirasekaram Date: May 14 2001
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