Darwin Is Stupid

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Tests with the DNA code have found their way back to the original truth that created life in the first place. The 21st has been the Biotech Century according to Jeremy Rifkin. Early on, futurists predicted the new age to be advanced in biotechnology. Most predicted great gain in medicine and agriculture, but threats to human dignity such as cloning, chimeras, cyborgs, genetically engineered subhuman slaves, and superhuman masters.
Lee Silver of Princeton said that genetic engineering might create a new species of human, unable to reproduce with its "worse half." Nature always reaches a limit: Luther Burbank said "a tendency to stay true to type keeps all living things within some more or less fixed limitations."
But science vanquished the genetic barrier. Darwin proposed that "living things form a continuous chain with ever shifting boundaries, each species melding into the next on the evolutionary ladder."
Darwin's theory was never confirmed. Scientists could not cross Burbank's "more or less fixed limitations."
When the limits of humanity became flexible, who could say we had any ethical status? Brian Goodwin wrote "Darwinism eliminates the idea of species as natural kinds, with disastrous ethical consequences: Human nature disappears as a concept from neo-Darwinism, and so life becomes a set of parts, commodities that can be shifted around."
By the 20th century, Darwinian reductionism leaked into fields such as ethics, where philosophers like Michael Ruse were presenting morality as "an illusion. What is in our genes' interests is what seems 'right'"”morally right,"
Paul Ramsey noted that most arguments for abortion "defined the person as a choosing consciousness, while reducing the body to a possession or instrument under our control, like a car that takes us where we want to go."
This also accounted for the creating of human embryos for research, and cutting and splicing human DNA. Joseph Fletcher insisted that test-tube reproduction is "more human" because it is "a matter of choice and conscious control: To be men we must be in control."
Nearly 25 years ago, America began toward a new age of eugenics"”But something happened. They discovered that the structure of DNA suggests a return to an old one.
DNA acts similar to a language. The pattern of "letters" spells out a "message" that builds proteins. Where did this pattern come from?
It is not a random pattern, and it is not a single pattern repeated over and over. "DNA is like the magnetic letters your kid sticks on the refrigerator," Steve Meyer once said. "The magnetic force explains how the letters stick to the fridge, but it doesn't explain how the letters are sequenced to spell 'I love Daddy.'"
What creates meaning for the random sequence of "letters" in DNA?
The answer was unavoidable. "DNA is like a computer program," said Bill Gates, "but far, far more advanced than any software we've ever created."
The key to explaining the natural world is in John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word." "This passage uses the Greek word logos to say that in the beginning there was intelligence, wisdom, communication," explained Phillip Johnson.
Morphing from one into another gradually is impossible, sort of like trying to create Hamlet from The Tempest by randomly changing one letter at a time.
So, humans have an ingrained nature after all, and an inherent dignity. I don't believe there is any point at the dawn or closing of life when the human is any less human.
Scientists have long strived to disprove our fanciful idea of creation when their own proof turned out to prove exactly what they were attempting to dissprove, there is an ultimate creator.
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