External And Internal Evil

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External and Internal Evil

Jeremy and Max were meandering along a deserted road hoping for something to catch their interest. Coming to a pond by the empty street, there happen to be a duck resting with the waves. When Max decided to get Jeremy to hit the bird with a rock by saying he is a weakling. Jeremy grabs a hand size rock to pitch at the mallard. Mean while Max is taunting Jeremy that he can't hit the bird from where they are standing. In the end, Jeremy windups killing the bird feeling bad for what he has done. This is the evil that comes from others. In "Doctor Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe and Lord of the Flies by William Golding the external evil exerts more harm than internal evil.
        In the world today there are two kinds of evil that exists which is internal evil and external evil. With internal evil it pertains to the horrible thoughts and actions that comes from inside the mind. "˜Men"¦ are evil by heart but are taught otherwise.' (Jes). Humans have thoughts and act on them but when those thoughts turn out ward into terrible actions is when people exert their harm. That's when the human when the horrible thoughts become evil actions. "˜...That men are born evil, that is their nature...'(Jes). Yet people are influence sometimes. This is when external evil comes into play. External evil has to do with the terrible thoughts and actions that come from others along with inanimate objects. People along with objects can influence others. "˜, "¦That all societies are evil, or that there is evil in all societies"¦' (Spitz) There are others trying to corrupt humans with evil like the devil, a.k.a. Satan. "˜"¦ That Satan is not in Hell and probably spends most of his time on earth, seeking to destroy the lives of human beings and to keep them separated from God.'(Encyclopedia Mythica)
In the Lord do the flies by William Golding the children mainly Roger, Jack and Maurice are the main sources of evil. "˜The force of evil (Roger, Maurice) gradually replaces love and common sense (Simon, Ralph).' (Delbanera-Garant) Jack and his hunters go out on a run. They capture a pig. While they are trying to kill it, Roger sexually assaults the pig. Then they kill the sow and as a tribute to the "Beast" they mount the pigs head on a pole. "˜The hunters' deification of the Pig's head, which becomes the lord of the flies himself, and the horror of their rituals stress the fact that the children have fallen into a state of a savagery in which evil is all-powerful"¦' (Michel-Michot) Throught out the novel the evil from with in takes over more and more. When Simon has a talk with the pig's head that is mounted on the pole. "˜"¦ The evil is in the children themselves. This is made explicit when Simon, looking at the pig's head, is granted a moment of insight"¦' (Michel-Michot) He goes to tell the others about his insight that he has just had, but is savagely killed by the other children that are in the frenzy of the killing dance. "˜Seized by the rapture of reenactment or perhaps terrorized by fear and night into believing that this little creature is a beast, they circle Simon, pounce on him bite and tear his body to death.' (Rosenfield) The children do not realize that they have killed Simon till after the storm hits. Which they realize that the evil is becoming more apparent "˜""¦that Evil is inherent in the human mind itself, whatever innocence may cloak it."' (Townseud) Jack and his hunters kill Piggy to destroy the last shred if civilization. Jack takes credit for shoving a rock off to kill Piggy. Which leaves Ralph as the only person who is in touch with real life. "˜Jack is assisted by two or three evil-mind boys, one of them being the official torture.' (Michel-Michot) And in the end Jack takes his war party to kill Ralph and the very last shred of civilization attempt to hide the power of evil.' (Cox) The only way Ralph was saved is by an adult from a passing ship that notice the island on fire. Jack set the island on fire to get to Ralph at all cost. The evil within Jack's mind was what drove him to try to kill the only good on this land. "˜At the of the novel the same boys, Maurice, Roger and Jack, have become the real forces of evil, intoxicated with their own power and important to exercise it.' (Delbarea-Grant)
The external evil in "Doctor Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe shows how harmful it can be. In the beginning of the play two Dr. Faustus so called friends, Valdes and Cornelius persuade him towards black magic. Then Doctor Faustus conjures up Mephostphilis, Satan, and his four hunch men. Satan convinces Faustus to join their group, promising anything he wants. "˜"¦The sense of evil that the fiend represents is given increased depth and power.' (Sanders) Doctor Faustus tells Satan about wanting a wife and how lonely he is feeling. Mephostophilis decives Dr. Faustus by giving him another book on black magic because if he were to get married it would be in holy matrimony and that would lead to God. "˜The evil he invokes is both his own and not his own.' (Sanders) Through out the play there are Good Angels and Bad Angels. It is not till Dr. Faustus has sold his soul to the devil that he hears them. The Angels are going back and forth on what he should do and in the end he resents God to be with the Bad Angel. Knowing that he must distract Faustus from any more chances to repent so he sends up two devils to put on a show of what Dr. Faustus can do. Then Doctor Faustus goes to show this off at a meeting in Germany. Benvilo starts taunting Doctor Faustus while he is talking to two of his friends. In return Faustus gives Benvilo horns. Benvilo embarrassed from what Faustus has done wants revenge. Benvilo sets out to behead him but fails for the reason that Doctor Faustus has no soul. Faustus blood stopped after he sold his soul. Which this helps to convince Faustus that it was a wise decision to make. But soon after he has learns that all the power he has gained amounts to nothing, so he burns his books hoping God will take pity on him. Knowing that he is to have an everlasting death with Mephostophilis in hell. The scholars find his body disassemble and detached from making a deal with the Devil. And in the end he is detached from God. "˜His dramatic point is not that evil is the only basin-eyed monster of legend"¦' (Sanders)
In both books there is evil, one being external having to do with "Doctor Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe and the other being internal evil having to do with Lord of the Flies by William Golding. In Lord of the Flies the evil drives the kids to kill and harm one anther. "˜"¦ for homo sapiens has by nature a terrible potentiality for evil.' (Tiger) With "Doctor Faustus", Faustus is persuaded by outside forces to do evil. And in the end Doctor Faustus is has an everlasting death with Satan. "˜"¦that evil inheres not simply in man but also in collectivities; institutions, and social forces.' (Spitz) Which in this case is for all of eternity. None the less, it is better to die and go to heaven than be stuck in one place and never have a chance of anything good.
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