Good And Evil

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Good and evil, the real question of how to define their true nature. Through out time many philosophers have often pondered this but can someone really give the clear and precise one. At first glance one would seem to have a wide range of possibilities. One definition is that they are qualities attributed to objects, actions, and ideas. Generally, what is good is thought to be beneficial and what is evil is thought to be harmful. Many religions through out the world and the entire human race are based on the aspects of good and evil and their endless struggle for dominance. However despite this endless struggle many have claimed that good always wins, but can that truly exist. What is good with out evil, many have become so used to a society where both are so internally intertwined that a society where only one exists has only been created with imagination. This aspect of a good society or a bad society is so far fetched that to humanity the only way of reaching such a place is through the after life or the end of the world as humanity knows it. Thus good and evil are eternal counterparts and a society in which one solely exists is very difficult to find on this earth, if this is true then can the existence of God truly be conformed. So can good really exist with out evil and vise versa.
        The existence of evil in the world is necessary for there to be good in the world. For example say the whole world was white then one would not be able to identify the shade of white unless another shade, for example black, existed. Thus if the whole world was white then one would not realize it or acknowledge it unless one had something to compare it with. This directly applies to good and evil; if the world were entirely composed of goodness then one would not be able to recognize it. With out the existence of evil one cannot compare good to anything because evil is goods direct counterpart, thus one would not even be able to recognize it. Since good and evil are both recognized in society today it is clearly understood that there is a clear understanding of what good and evil are. This then gives the individual and humanity as a whole to decide which path they wish to take. In understanding that the choices one makes can either lead to something good or something evil, one is given the freedom to act freely. However when is the line between good and evil drawn. If an individual does an evil act just for the fact of surviving then is that deed evil, if so then is it not evil for one to have more than another when one can equally share their resources. This aspect of good and evil leads to the more complicated notion of morality and where humanity draws the line between what is good and what is evil or what is more good and what is even more evil. However going back to the aspect that if good and evil must coexist and that one cannot be without other then is the predominant human dream of gaining a world that is absolutely good actually attainable. This then makes one ponder if the ultimate goal of every systematic government in the world can be possible and if there should be any attempt at all to gain such a society. Thus in order for evil to exist in the world good must also exist and vice versa. If one existed with out the other then it would become nearly impossible for an individual to identify the difference between the two or if one existed at all. Since the notion of good and evil can be easily seen and acknowledge in today's society it is clear that both exist and must exist for this to take place. If both good and evil must coexist then how can society goals of a true and peaceful society really exist? Also the degree between what an individual finds good and evil varies from other individuals, this is more commonly known as morality or the morals and values of the individual. However since evil exists in the entire world how can humanities view of what the true God is like really exist.
The problem of evil arises from the loss of a sense of God's presence in the face of evil or suffering. Even though St. Thomas Aquinas a great philosopher used his theories and knowledge of law, philosophy, and religion to prove the existence of God, if one closely examine the concepts of good and evil it is quickly understood that humanities view of God is very confusing. First of all according to the language used to describe God as all powerful, all good, and all wise and then to see the world being characterized as evil and suffering. If humanities view of God being such a loving and kind being who has endless patience is true then why would he allow such evil to exist in the world. If the true creator were such a being then why would he allow these things to exist in a world that he has created? Other solutions relate good and evil to God and thus seek coexistence by relating good and evil to God's primary and secondary will or to God's willing and permitting. Thus if there is a God than evil would certainly exist, since God represents pure goodness then if He exists in the world then so must his counterpart, evil. These solutions, by raising questions about God's character, perhaps point to another solution that attributes to God redeeming love, something that could be directed to evil. Since Gods love for human kind is endless then his lack of providing security from evil might be a way of letting his children grow up. Just like the way parents have to let their children go sometime or another in their life so that they can make mistakes of their own and learn how to survive in society. This attribute must then appropriately lead to a renewed disclosure of God's presence in the world. By doing this one enables one to face both evil and good in society because they have such being behind them. The existence of God is a very confusing situation, if God really existed in the world then why would he allow evil to exist. However because good and evil do exist in the world then God must exist because God is goodness.
Good and evil both exist in society today, since good and evil are counterparts they must coexist for if they did not then no body would be able to recognize them. But if evil will always exist then can the human hope of eternal peace really come true or is that only possible with the end of the world. Since the goodness exist and the word God means infinite goodness then He too must exist in the world. Since there is evil in the world, good exists then God exists. However if God exists then why does God let evil things like rape and murder to exist. Could it be because since God or good exist then evil exists or could it be because He is playing the role of the parent and allowing humans to make the decision between doing good or evil to themselves? Evil will always exist and the only way to reduce it is by the decision that humans make and follow in order to reach the outcome of their life. However despite this if evil exists always then good must too, this at least leaves some form of hope to the future civilizations of the world.

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