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The Results of Literature in our Lives

        In our modern day society there are many pieces of literature that provide an essential and practical perspective on life. This allows the reader to understand things in their own day to day activities from diverse angles. There are many novels that may offer a unique or alternative perception towards certain situations that reflect the author's propositions. Depending on the person and how open they allow the door to imagination be, will decide whether literature will be a changing factor in their lives or will it remain merely words written on a page.

        Margaret Atwood portrays our historic family structure in many of her books based on female characters. The female characters (Marian, Offred etc.) in her novels often accept life's circumstances and the hands that they were dealt with as being women in society. In The Edible Woman, Atwood portrays women as victims who need to overcome the controlling male figures in their lives, and illustrates her views through changes in narrative point of view. The Edible woman is a more simple, sequential storyline, I being a male living in today's society felt that I could never relate to books like these, The Edible Woman gives proof to this theory of dominance and submission. Hunters are used to symbolize the male in the relationship and the female is viewed as the scared rabbit who is pray for it's devoted hunter. Atwood writes in first person singular using her main female characters; I being the reader got a chance as a male to enter the women's state of mind and understand things from there point of view. The simple things we as males took no time to think of as being hurtful or uncomfortable, are the same things that women see as "I'm a victim in this". I started taking more care in my choice of speech when It came to the females around me, I didn't just turn my cheek when my mother or girlfriend asked me a simple minded question.

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous plays written by William Shakespeare, that contributes to the ever expanding topic of love. I did not have the opportunity to read and analyze this book in school so I read it the summer I went to Egypt. I have a great deal of passion to those who present themselves to be unique. My heart grows fonder of individuals who are happy and accept who they are. I was told I could not marry out of my culture and yet I've hidden a 3 year relationship with my present girlfriend from my whole family. It is Important that one express their feelings of love to the others that are strong enough to show their uniqueness. The play Romeo and Juliet is about the protagonists Romeo and Juliet who like me and my girlfriend (my love) are forced to withhold their true feelings because of the clash between both families. I myself feel that I am like Romeo, never giving up hope that this journey of adolescent love might become not so much a challenge but rather a clear road to happiness. The one who sticks their unique believes as Romeo did will take risk in losing what they were striving for, having someone like Tibalt become a barrier or even having love kill.

Lord of the Flies, Human beings have the ability to transform into a beast like character. It's the inner beast that we are born with, that is brought out in a close or tight environment or straining situation. The book questions whether or not human beings are born aggressive. This imaginative plot is really questioning human behavior and the ability that human beings have to manipulate and destroy an environment. I, after reading the book realized that we are all born evil, and greedy. Without guidance we can only learn to do wrong. Kids love to have all the toys, and if it was up to them sharing would not be something they would take into consideration.

It is essential for individuals in society to continue to grow and expand allowing the human condition to become more enhanced. Therefore, literature will allow the perceptions that are embedded in our conscious to reflect the human condition. Thus, presenting individuals in society to receive more insight on certain areas such as passions, personal values, and fears. Through reading we learn more about our behavior, why things are done the way they are,
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