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World Statistics - The Rich and the Poor

World Statistics - The Rich and the Poor

1.3 Billion of the World's People Survive on Less than $1 a day

Here follow some facts from United Nations Development Report/UNICEF 1997 and WHO 1998 selected by Manufacturing Dissent - http://www.afshinr.dircon.co.uk/index.html. Direct access to the statistics at http://www.afshinr.dircon.co.uk/rich.html


$ 40 billion a year is estimated to be the additional cost of achieving and maintaining universal access to basic education for all, basic health carefor all, reproductive health care for all women, adequate food for all, and clean water and safe sewers for all is roughly $40 billion a year--or less than 4% of the combined wealth of the 225 richest people in the world.


-1.3 billion people in the world today (1,300 million, or 1,300,000,000people) struggle to survive on $1/day.

-3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on $2/day.

-2 billion have no access to power (electrical).

-The net worth of 10 billionaires, ten human beings, is greater than the combined national income of the forty-eight poorest countries combined.

-Globally, one in five people do not expect to live beyond the age of 40.

-Three out of four in the poorest countries will not live to 50th birthday

-About 300 million people live in 16 countries where life expectancy actually decreased between 1975 and 1995.


Out of of a global total of 52.2 million deaths, 17.3 million were due to infectious and parasitic diseases; 15.3 million were due to circulatory diseases; 6.2 million were due to cancer; 2.9 million were due to respiratory diseases and 3.6 million were due to perinatal conditions. The leading causes of deaths from infectious diseases were acute lower respiratory infections (3.7 million), tuberculosis (2.9 million), HIV/AIDS (2.3 million) and malaria (1.5-2.7 million).
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